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SEO is probably a term that you have heard mentioned quite a few times - with many businesses saying that their website is driving x amount of revenue and sales, whilst on the flip side, you may hear businesses saying to steer clear of SEO. This is because there are many “cheap” agencies that will use outdated practises and shortcuts that will have no benefit and can even harm the rankings of your website. Hearing about businesses that have been stung by shady tactics is why I am passionate about providing high-quality SEO to businesses in Chester. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation - which in plain English means optimising your website so Google recognises it as high quality, awarding it with the appropriate ranking.
Effective Local SEO Solutions

How can SEO help your business

You may be thinking, “I get a lot of business for my brand name” which is all well and good - however, in an ever-changing world, being visible online is becoming increasingly more important.

Having this enhanced visibility can help your business build credibility and trust, as well as bringing new opportunities to your business. This can range from expanding your service range or to help target new areas that you would like to work in.

Benefits of SEO

We have just lightly touched upon the benefits of SEO for your business, but the list is endless! Here are a couple of reasons on how can help your website:

It’s Relatively Cheap!

We’re not going to deny, like all the best things, it costs money (and for some business, it costs A LOT of money).

However, in the grand scheme of things, SEO can be a relatively cheap method of acquisition for any business. It is not uncommon to maintain strong positions for money keywords on Google for extended periods of time. Plus, unlike PPC, you do not need a large sum of money to pay for adverts, which have the downside of when the money runs out, it’s done.

Ideally, SEO should be considered a business investment rather than a marketing cost.

Target Quality Traffic

Traffic on search engines are the best source of traffic (it’s true - even if we are slightly biased!). Print marketers may be familiar with the term push/pull marketing. SEO is essentially pull marketing, as you are pulling traffic to your website with a potential consumer that is already looking for what you provide.

Traffic from SEO is more likely to convert

Traffic from organic search is one of the leading drivers of conversions as the potential consumer already knows what they are looking for when they typed their search query and have landed on your website - which through our optimisation will provide a great user experience.

Local SEO

If you want to target customers from Chester and the nearby area, then Local SEO is extremely effective. This helps your business be found for the products and services you are offering to local customers when they are looking for them.

What is Local Search

Firstly, let's understand the differences between local search and standard search.

Local search is usually when a customer searches with a localised term at the end of their query, such as “SEO in Chester” or include “near me”. Their queries often have very high purchase intent behind them, which is why ranking high for terms such as this is crucially important.

Below is what a typical local search may look like:

Local Search Result in Chester

Why Invest in Local Search

Local search is an extremely versatile and powerful marketing channel. Not only is the purchase intent very high with local search queries, but research by HubSpot also show that 78% of local mobile searches result in offline purchases.

Also, local search queries are extremely effective in informing users about your location. This often leads to users visiting your store or picking up the phone call and giving you a call.

It is important that business utilise local search engine optimisation as local trends continue to grow and become more significant with increasing numbers of local search queries. Local SEO is effective for any business, from plumbers to beauticians as there are always people searching for local businesses like yours!


Of local searches result in offline purchase


Of consumers go online to find local services


Of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations


Use "Get Directions" or "Click to Call" on local searches

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